The Town of Vail has implemented regulations that protect the interests of homeowners, visitors and neighbors.  Vail Rentals By Owner (the dba of Mountain Vacation Lodging, LLC) has assisted homeowners navigate through the regulatory and sales/lodging tax compliance since our formation in 2003.

Effective March 1, 2018, homeowners are required to obtain a business license which includes a sales tax license.  This is a new license that replaces the legacy sales tax license.  Homeowners must provide Vail Rentals By Owner with your license number so that we can add it to all marketing channel listings, and so that we can attributed taxes remitted to the Town of Vail to your property.

We are here to assist homeowners obtain their sales tax license, and we are now providing additional services for our homeowners – all at no additional charge to the homeowners who have entrusted us to market and service their home:

  • Vail Rentals By Owner will be collecting and remitting sales/lodging taxes for all bookings generated¬†after January 1, 2018 on behalf of the homeowner.¬† (For bookings generated prior to January 1, 2018 it will remain the homeowners responsibility to remit the proper sales tax that has/is being remitted by Vail Rentals By Owner to you.)
  • Homeowners will be required to obtain a license, and provide Vail Rentals By Owner with your license number which we will place on all of the marketing channels and for the purpose of remitting taxes on a quarterly basis to the Town of Vail and to the State of Colorado.
  • One of the conditions of the business¬†license¬†is to have a local person designated to be the contact for any issues regarding rentals.¬† We are offering this service AT NO CHARGE to our homeowners who sign our¬†Owner Services Agreement.¬†¬†This new agreement is designed to provide homeowners with maximum rental opportunities by providing Vail Rentals By Owner with an updated availability calendar and entrusting our team to book your homes under guidelines that are pre-approved each homeowner.¬† And of course, we continue to ensure that the correct lodging taxes are remitted to the Town of Vail and State of Colorado on a timely basis.¬† Remember, other than the $150 per year business¬†license, there is no cost or hassle to you for the collection and remittance of sales and lodging tax. Prior to 2018 this would have cost homeowners hundreds of dollars per year in bookkeeping and/or third-party service expense.

We continue to provide our homeowners with additional services as the vacation rental industry matures:  

  • Prior to 2017, homeowners absorbed the cost of credit card fees and were directly responsible for the risk of chargebacks.¬† In 2017 Vail Rentals By Owner absorbed those fees, saving homeowners more than 3% on each booking.
  • Vail Rentals By Owner assumes provides accidental damage protection including up to $1,500 per booking caused by the guest, saving the homeowner the time and money to deal with minor accidental damage caused by the guest.
  • We have built full integrations to distribute your home onto the most popular travel websites:¬†,, Airbnb and TripAdvisor – as well as expanding our own proprietary network of marketing channels including and¬† We will continue to improve our software, verbiage, and photography for each property over time, and will explore and implement additional marketing techniques and web listings as the industry evolves.
  • We have implemented a mobile-friendly, on-line bookable website with larger photographs, 3D Virtual Tours and state of the art marketing tools designed to display your home in the most effective manner.

We will always represent your home in a manner that meets YOUR needs and preferences.  We will strive to get you not only reservations, but the kind of reservations that work for you.  To update your reservation and screening guidelines,  or if you have any questions, please call Grey Schuhmacher, Managing Partner at 970-292-6657 or Jake Bush, Vail Valley Market Manager at 303-997-1384, or email both of them simultaneously at and